Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bring Me Back To Life {Sasuke Uchiha Lemon}

Dear Saya,

If you are reading this you should know that I have left. I hope you are in pain right now, it is your own fault for thinking I could ever love someone as pathetic as you. You are weak and worthless, I never loved you at all, so cry I hope it hurts.


I red the letter over and over, tears mores and pain surrounding my heart. I found I couldn't breathe. He was right this did hurt I wouldn't lie.
I was in a small corner in my room gribbing the letter tightly. Tears coming from my eyes fast, unstoppable. The pain wouldn't stop, anger started to fill me up.
My eyes grew cold as I stared off into nothing. Glaring at everything.
I felt frozen inside without his touch, but I got up from my corner I was sitting in. I was crying for one day.
'Knock knock'
Someone was at the door, nut I didn't answer, I started taking out my back pack and filling it with clothes. Once I was done I went into the kitchen and filled it with some food.
Someone was knocking at the door again, and whoever it was wasn't stoping.
Can't whoever it is just accept that I am not home and leave.I thought annoyed.
I walked to the door and opened it, my face looked emotionless, so emotionless that it didn't look like I was crying for one day straight. I opened the door to see Naruto, my best friend and almost like a brother. I looked at him coldly though.
"Saya, are you coming on the misson to save and bring Sasuke back." Naruto asked slightly taken back by my cold face and glare that I gave him after he said Sasuke's name.
"No," I replied monotone.
"What why not, you guys were a couple good friends I thought you of all people would want to do this. Why wont you?" Naruto asked confused clearly.
"I hate him."I replied in a warning tone.
"Why what could he have possibly done to you!?" Naruto yellednot getting my warning tone.
"More to me than you," I repiled coldly."Why don't you go save your precious little Sasuke and leave me alone you loser."
Just as I was about to slam the door his hand cought it.
"What did he done, what could he have done to turn you from the sweet sarcastic funny best friend I knew, to this bitter bitch who abandons their friends!" Naruto yelled and I did my best to pretend that those words didn't hurt a lot.
"You wanna know eh," I asked then I gave him the letter that Sasuke had left for me and when his attention was drawn to it I slammed the door in his face.
I grabbed my bag and jumped out the window in my room. I of course was leaving the village. There were to many painful memories everywhere I looked.
I existed the village gates fast really fast that no one could see me. I was like a blur passing in the wind. I was a jounin, I had became one not to long ago.
I walked slower in the forest in a specific spot that I was told to wait for them. I was able to beat Kakashi when he was using his sharigan easily.

:Flashback (1 days before Sasuke left) :

I was taining in the meadow, like usaully did at this time of night. I felt I was not alone so I stood still and closed my eyes trying to pinpoint where the chakra was coming from.
Abruptly I grabbed three kunai and threw them in the trees only to hear a loud cuss and a clash of metal.
"Come out," I ordered not in a good mood because Sasuke seemed to be ignoring me.
"Damn the bitch found us," grumbled a person behind the trees.
"It is not nice to call people names," I smirked.
"Shut it hoe," said a guy with silver hair wearing a clack cloak with red clouds on it, he also had a double bladed scythe with him. Then I saw a nothe guy with an identical cloak come out he had a mask covering his face.
"Bite me bastard," I said back.
"Shut up or I will sacrifice you to Jashin," said the silver haired guy.
"Ya, well umm." I said but was think he would get mad if I asked who Jashin was.
"No more talk wench, or I will sell you and get some nice money," said the masked guy.
"Ya whatever what do guys want I am getting bored of this," I stated.
"You are going to join the Akatsuki." said the guy in th mask.
"I figgin knew those cape thingys looked familar!" I yelled then realization hit me,"Wait Akatsuki, fuck no, I am not joining them, hell no. You can't make me I don't wanna!"
"Well looks like we are going to have to take this bitch down by force," said the diver haired guy.
"Stop calling me a bitch you douche bag!" I yelled getting into fighting position.
"I will call you bitch whenever I want bitch ." said the silver haired guy also getting into fighting stance.
Before he could even blink I had him pinned to a tree with kunai in his clothing then I glanced at the other guy and did a lot of hand sign so fast that he couldn't even read them, then water came from my mouth in the shape of a dragon and raimed right into him and the silver haired guy as well.
The impact hit them so hard that they went flying into the river along with the tree that the siver haired guy was pinned to.
"I am going to fucking kill you!!!!" yelled the silver haired guy as his head came from the water.
"No your not I have a feeling you were supposed to take me back alive," I said giggling.
"You fuck-." the silver haired guy started.
"Bye Donald Trump and Potty Mouth!" I yelled at them waving as they started to float down river.
"What did you just call me!!!" they both yelled.
Before I could answer they disappeared. I assumed they met the waterfall.
"Your a very strong fighter I see why leader wants you," said a voice from behind me.
"Are you here to fight me as well?" I questioned.
"No, but you will soon join." said the guys voice as I turned around and looked into the mans red sharigan eyes and already knew who this person was.
"You think so?" I asked closing my eyes so I wouldn't be cought in his genjutsu.
"You will see. When you decide you want to join just meet me here in two days in this spot." Itachi said before disappearing.
"Ya right like I will want to join." I grummbled before walking off.
:End Of flashback:
"Nice to see you came," said a familar voice in the background.
"Hn," I replied.
"Lets go," said Itachi and some shark guy coming out of the trees.
"Hmm, so she the girl that Hidan wont stop cussing about, only he said you were a really big masculant guy, hahaha, he didn't want anyone to know he was beaten by a girl," said the fish stick gut while we were walking.
"Who's Hidan, do I know him?" I asked confused but emotionless and fish stick sweat dropped.
"You don't remember the people you beat up only two days ago?" said fish stick.
"Not really, so fish stick where are we going?" I asked monotonously and I could have sworn I heard Itachi chuckle.
"Hey my name is Kisame not fish stick."Kisame said angrily
"Really, well ok I wont call you fish stick shark boy," I said emotionlessly and before he could hit me I was at Itachi's side with him smirking at me while I smirked at him leaving Kisame behind.
Fastforward 2 years later-
I have been here for two years now and I was thought to be amusingly emotionless, the way I insulted everyone with no expression on my face. Hidan wanted to still sacrifice me to Jashin (I still have no figgin clue who the hell Jashin is though), Kakuzu wanted to sell me, Zetsu wants to eat me (he tried to in my sleep but I am a very light sleeper),Deidara wants to either blow me up or make out with me I don't know, Sasori wants to add me to his collection (he tried to on a misson), Konan is nice so I don't bother her and nothing I do seems to get to her, Kisame and I are good friends in a way (he still gets angry when I can him fish stick), and Tobi well he is annoying to me sometimes and since I can't get his mask off ever I am always trying, Pein he likes me (finds me amusing, he lets me call him Pein when no one is around)
The Akatsuki are kinda like my family that wants to rip eachothers heads of.
"Hi Saya-chan,is Tobi a good boy!" Tobi said jumping over to me but I stared emotionless at the masked childish guy who was taller than me, I didn't look up at his face because I hate looking up at people.
"If I say yes will you let me see your face." I asked emotionless.
"Tobi is a good boy!!!!" Tobi yelledignoring my question and I sighed.
"Ya Tobi is a good boy," I sighed as I started to walk away from the lollipop kid I glared at the ground when he followed me yelling Tobi is a good boy.
"Leader told Tobi that he wants to see you right now, Tobi forgot after he left so your late!" Tobi yelled and about 12 anime vains appeared on my forehead in anger and when Tobi tried to run away I kicked him into a wall and made my way to Pein's office.
I entered and Pein glared at me.
"You're late," Pein said annoyed.
"My apologizes leader, but Tobi decided to forget to tell me," I said with a smirk and bowing then he chuckled evily and I smirked more at him.
"He most likely did that on purpose," Pein smirked.
"I figured and I will fix the wall I smashed him into later Pein," I smirked.
"Hn, I have a misson for you," Pein said with a smirk still.
"Ok," I replied.
"You are to go to the sand village and assasinate Shiro, one of the elders, do it fast," Pein said as he held out a picture of the man and I took it and when on my way with a bow to Pein.
After a long run I finally got to the sand village, I went at a slower pace because whenever Pein tells me to go fast on a misson I go extra slow.
It took about an hour to kill the stupid elder, since I was as fast as light I killed him in the public eye, no one saw me and I smiled as his blood went everywhere. I sat on the roof top smirking at the panicing faces before I felt a pressence behind me, a familar pressence that made my heart jump for joy and be crowded in pain at the same time.
I can't deal with it not now. I thought unable to look him in the eyes so I just disappeared in the wind.
I ran through the forest, and felt the pressence was gone. I stopped by a tree and stood by it and leaned the back of my head on it and started to fall to my butt still leaning on the tree. My eyes opened wide when I felt HIS pressence again my body felt numb, but my heart hurt. Just as I was about to run away he spoke.
"So I see you joined the Akatsuki," Sasuke spoke.
"Hn," I repiled shutting my eyes tight and putting them in between my knees so I wouldn't have to feel the pain of looking at him, with him my will power was always weak.
"Look at me," Sasuke ordered, but I didn't move.
"No, your face is to ugly," I repiled and I heard him sigh.
Then I felt him walk closer to me,and his arms wrapped around me and I frozed and pushed him away from me, but this caused me to look at him and when I did tears came out of my eyes when I thought back to the letter.
"Don't touch me you bastard!" I yelled but my voice cracked.
His eyes softened while looking at me and I didn't know why.
"Where is Itachi," Sasuke asked bitterly and it caused my tears to stop and an angry glare replace.
"So that's why your here eh," I asked pissed off.
"Hn," Sasuke mummbled looking away from me.
"I wont tell you anything Uchiha," I spat bitterly and he glared at me.
"I will kill you if you don't," he replied and his eyes looked sad.
"Like I care Uchiha, I am dead inside anyways it wont matter." I replied laughing coldly and standing up to his level only then wishing I hadn't for he looked even more handsome than before, his muscles looked well toned under the V-neck white shirt.
Then he pinned me by a tree with my hands above my head.
"Tell me where he is," Uchiha said softly which surprised me but I didn't show it.
"No, what are you going to do about it kill me go ahead I don't fear death, toture me, I couldn't care less I refuse to tell a monster like you anything!" I hissed.
His eyes hardened as he spoke,"So you are protect that monster who killed my clan?"
I smirked,"Yes, got a problem with that?"
Then before I knew it he smacked me hard that I landed on the ground spitting up blood.
The hit I could handle but it was the fact that the boy I used to, no still loved hit me so cruelly.
I glanced at him and saw he was in shock for some reason and I forced a smirk.
"So it starts with hitting girls, next you know you will have a family and when your poor wife pisses you off will you kill them all like your brother?"
Sasuke's PoV
After what she said I just lost it I hit her in the face hard and istintly I regretted it after I saw her blood. Her blood is the blood I never wanted to see. Regret filled my eyes and my mouth hung open my hands I felt shake. I loved this girl more than anything I never wanted to hurt her.
"So it starts with hitting girls, next you know you will have a family and when you poor wife pisses you off will you kill them like your brother," she said clearly forcing a smirk, I covered up how much that actually hurt with a glare even though I kinda desearved that.
"Hn," I replied.
"Can...can I leave now," she relied and my heart suddenly paniced at the thought of not seeing her like I wanted to for the past two years.
"Not until you take me to Itachi," I replied emotionless.
"And if I don't," she asked.
"Then I will...I will have to torture you until you do," I repiled though it was really hard to say those words.
"Of course you will, I am as good as dead anyways, I wont ever betray the Akatsuki they are like my family, so just kill me, cause I am of no value to you," she responded and the way her voice sounded so dead made my heart break.
-Saya's PoV-
I looked down at the ground until I felt a hand lift my chin up until I was staring a onix eyes, he had deactivated the sharingan in his eyes and now they brought back so many unwanted memories.
His eyes looked so sad, and regretful.
"Do you really think I will kill you," Uchiha asked.
"If it envolves killing your brother than yes I do, you always choose killing him over anything else, besides like you said in that letter,'I could never love someone as pathetic as you. You are weak and worthless'" I said glaring at him sadly and he droped his hand.
"That letter was filled with lies, Saya," Sasuke said looked at me and my heart skipped a beat when he said my name.
"I don't understand," I said.
"I knew if you thought I didn't love you anymore that you would hate me, if you followed me I knew I would either come back with you and never get my revenge, you would beat me, or I would end up hurting you to much," Sasuke said cupping my face.
"You hurt me either way." I mummbled.
"I know and I am sorry, I never stopped thinking about you not even for an instant. I love you Saya." Sasuke said.
"I...I...can't." I stuttered then wacked his hand away and ,more tears came from my eyes.
"I'm sorry Saya." Sasuke said looking down.
"Your one goal is to kill Itachi and nothing else matters to you, that will always come before me wont it," I said looking down.
"That wont come first Saya," Sasuke said then looked away embarresed,"Don't you ummm remember my other goal?"
"Huh?" I asked then blushed slightly when I remembered,"Oh right."
Sasuke smirked and walked closer to me and pushed me up agenst a tree, one hand holding both of my hand avove my head and the other lightly touching the back of my neck and bringing me closer to his face.
"My other goal is to rebuild my clan remember," he smirked.
"Sasuke, I love you," I said softly and his eyes softened a lot as his face came closer to mine.
--Lemon Start--
I felt his lips press agesnt mine, it was full of love and passion, gentle, but rough and hungry. My hand knotted up in his hair pulling him closer to me while his were wrapped tightly around my waist holding me tightly. It felt like our bodies were merging together, but it wasn't enough I wasn't close enough.
His tongue grazed my bottom lip asking for entrance which I playfully declined with a smirk. He growled a bit before his hands slid up my shirt and traced down my spine with his finger. I tried to keep my moan in and my mouth closed so he growled then smirked again.
His hand then grabbed my breast and rubbed it, I moaned unable to hold it in. He smirked and took his chance to put his tongue in my mouth. We both competed for dominance before I won. My tongue roamed his mouth, slightly rolling my tongue. He moaned a bit in the kiss and I smirked. Then his tongue entered my mouth and explored everywhere.
He pushed me into the tree harder, and I rapped my arms aound his neck and pushed him closer to me. Then I rapped my legs around his hips as he started unbuttening my cloak it fell on the green grass and then he lifted me off the tree and laid me on my cloak as my hands traveled up his chest through the V-neck of his shirt.
I looked into his eyes as he looked back at mine, his eyes filled with lust and love.
"Do you want to do this," he asked and I grinned and pecked him on the lips.
"Yes , more than anything," I smiled for the first time in two years,"Lets rebuild your clan."
He smirked and kissed me hungrily as his hands found the the edge of my shirt and he removed it fast not caring if he riped it and I giggled.
My hands went under his own shirt and ran my hands under his shirt and rubbed his chest as he closed his eyes in pleasure. I removed his shirt slowly and he pinned me on my back pulling me into a hungry kiss. His hands traveled up and down my body causing a bunch of moans from me and lots of smirks from him.
He nibbled on my ear while I moan, then fliped him over so I was on top. I kissed down his jarline to his neck. Then licked his chest going down but stopped at his belly butten. He moaned and then fliped us so he was on top. He started to take of my loose pants and exposing myself in just my bra and underwear. He unhooked my bra and threw it across the grass. I slid off his own pants moaning while he rubbed my breasts. I threw his pants somewhere across the grass too and he started sucking on one of my breast while he hand rubbed the other making my nipple go harder.
I moaned and arched my back grabbing handfulls of grass. He smirked and started trailing kisses down to my warmth. He smiled at me as I bit my lip.
His left hand massaged my warmth through the underwear while his left hand cupped my left breast. His tongue licked my stomach making its way to my underwear, which was starting to get wetter.
He gently removed my panties and he looked at me to see if I wanted to continue when I nodded my head he brought his face down inbetween my parted legs.I gasped when I felt him kiss and lick my inner thighs. I felt his tongue slid up my cilt while his hands still played with my breasts. I moaned louder and then I felt his tongue go into me, I moaned his name over and over again. One of his hands slid down to my warmth
"Oh Sasuke please." I moaned quietly as I felt his finger spread out my flooding labia,My back arched off the bed as I moaned loudly. His arms wrapped around my waist to keep me down as his tongue traveled upwards to my clit and when he touched it, I squealed. and I felt one finger enter me while his tongue licked up and down my cilt. I ached my back more and my hands grabbed more grass, my mouth kept moaning his name.
"Sasuke harder Please!" I moaned loudly as the sucking on my clit continued to a point where it was hard to control myself. He spoke to me lustfully inbetween his sucks."Baby, mmm you taste so good."
Then another finger entered me and I screamed his name. I felt my climax coming and I exploded all over his finger. He pulled out and licked his fingers.
"You taste good," he smirked then kissed me making me taste myself which it did taste good.
"See one thing your gonna like about me..." I said as I started to take off his boxers. "Is that I don’t torture, but I get straight to the point." Ending my sentence with tapping the tip of his arousal through his shorts. The reaction was a whine and a bucking of his hips. I shh'd him. "Patience Sasuke."
I circled the tip of my finger around his erection through the fabric of his pants. The temptation was so exiciting! Jiraiya muttered something incoherent.
"What'd you say baby?" I leaned down and breathed on his dick before slowly pulling off the shorts. He made a sharp intake of breath.
"No torture? Bullshit." He said loudly as I wrapped a hand around the base of his member. My hand slowly moved up and down as I licked the tip and rubbed his inner thigh with my free hand. He was going crazy. His fingers made fist balls around the sheets to calm himself down. My tongue slowly made circles around his head, and by now he reduced himself to begging.
"Hmm Saya. Please." His expression looked painful and I nodded to him. I opened my mouth wide and engulfed him, earing a deep moan from him. The sounds he makes is simple delicious. What my mouth couldn’t cover, my hand was pumping slowly. As I started to lick the underscore of him, I made sucking motions, hearing him growl and place a hand in my hair.Haha. He's losing it.My free hand rubbing and squeezed his balls, while my mouth went faster. I got my first taste of pre-cum. I felt a hand weakly trying to push me away. "Stop. If you keep doing this..." But I was too far gone to stop now. Might as well finish what I started. I ignored his plea and instead went faster, feeling him moan around me. Soon, I felt him twitch inside my mouth and I continued my sucking as I tasted his release on my tongue. Suddenly, I was pushed on my back with him straddling me. He had an evil look on his face.
"Okay. Here's where the torture ends. Seriously." Sasuke said before he kissed me hard and rubbed his erection against my vagina. I moaned sweetly into his mouth as I moved slightly against him. "Shhh." Whispering gently in my ear before slowly pushing inside of me. My arms wrapped around his neck as a way to support myself from the pain. He looked at me with concern on his face.
"Are you okay?" He asked as he stopped moving, allowing me time to adjust. I nodded with my eyes held shut and gripping his neck tightly. He sighed as he pushed all the way inside me and started to slightly move. At first it was extremely painful, but once he started moving, it felt amazing.
"Sasuke Move." I commanded as my face contorted from pain to pleasure. He complied and smiled at my change in emotion. His strong arms wrapped around my waist and held onto the small of my back as he moved a bit faster. I moaned loudly. "Mmmmhmmm." I sighed as he sped up to full blast. Our bodies rocked in unison as I felt my orgasm start to come. Sasuke sensed it to and thrusted against something inside me that made me scream.
"Heh Like that?" He smiled as he taunted me, his own orgasm coming. "Uh Saya. I'm gonna come." I drawled out a moan as I panted.
"Yeah. Me too." I panted out as I wrapped my legs around his waist, the pleasure increasing dramatically. He moaned out 'so tight' as he went even faster. When the pleasure became too much, I arched my back and moaned out, spreading my juices around his already pulsating member .His release flooded inside me and I plopped back against the grass panting and tired as hell.
"I love you Saya," Sasuke said.
"I love you too," I said hugging him
Then I looked around the meadow and giggled.
"What is it," Sasuke asked.
"I am never gonna find my clothes you threw everywhere," we laughed and looked around."And I'm gonna need a new cloak,"
I smiled at the akatsuki cloak as it was sweating and wet.